On July 18, 1817, an historic treaty was signed between five chiefs and Lord Selkirk in the area that is now known as the Red River Valley of Manitoba. The Peguis Selkirk Treaty represented "peace, order and mutual cooperation". Peguis Selkirk 200 honours this Treaty and the Spirit of 1817.

Who was Chief Peguis?

One of five chiefs in the Red River Valley, Chief Peguis is a name familiar to this day to all people living in southern Manitoba.

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EVENTS: July 2017

Revisit the 2017 events relating to the 1817 Peguis Selkirk Treaty, which represented peace, order and mutual cooperation.

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Who was Lord Selkirk?

Where was Lord Sekirk born and when did he come to this region? Who did he represent and what were his objectives in the Red River valley?

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Honourary Patron

We are pleased to announce the representative of His Majesty The King in the Province of Manitoba has granted patronage and will serve as Honorary Patron of Friends of the Peguis Selkirk Treaty Inc. Her Honour the Honourable Anita R. Neville, P.C., O.M., Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba.

Friends of the Peguis Selkirk Treaty Inc.

The Committee to Commemorate the 200th Anniversary, formed for the special events of 2017, has carried on with work well after the events, including pursuing the plans to complete a Treaty Monument on the grounds of the Manitoba Legislative Building. The Treaty Monument is intended to commemorate the Peguis Selkirk Treaty of 1817 as well as

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Peguis Selkirk Treaty Monument RFQ

Design Competition Phase 1 – Request for Qualifications The Committee to Commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the Peguis Selkirk Treaty is inviting individuals and teams of visual artists, landscape architects, and other design professionals with experience in statue and monument design, production and landscaping, to submit their credentials and examples of prior work for the

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Manitoba Museum

Lord Selkirk visited the Manitoba Museum in advance of his Friday visit to Peguis First Nation. Dr. Maureen Matthews presented items in the general collection and items from their vaults.

Lord Selkirk Maple

City of Winnipeg Forester Martha Barwinsky was on hand for the planting of the Lord Selkirk sugar maple tree at City Hall today. She also offered some extra information that adds to the story. Here are some tidbits Ms Barwinsky shared with us on the Lord Selkirk sugar maple, from the cultivar developer Wilbert Ronald

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Tuesday, 18 July, 2017 Manitoba Archives, Vaughan Street, Winnipeg Reception  hosted by Lord Selkirk Association of Rupert’s Land, at the Hudson’s Bay Company Archives / Archives of Manitoba. Check out the photos from the event.

Neeganin Centre

Tuesday, 18 July, 2017 11:00 AM, Neeganin Centre Commemoration of the signing of the Peguis Selkirk Treaty at Neeganin Centre and Centre for Aboriginal Resource Development. In attendance were Lord Selkirk; Chief Jim Bear, Brokenhead Ojibwe Nation; The Honourable Janice Filmon, Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba.